reland topic1 1. Real Estate Valuation
Valuation and Appraisal Methods
Accuracy and uncertainty
New challenges in the valuation profession
Valuation Standards and Regulations
Hotel, Marina, Golf and leisure property Valuations
Appraising the tough ones
Valuation Modelling
Education & Ethics in Real Estate



reland topic22. Real Estate Economics & Investment
Housing Economics and Policies
Citizenship by (property) investment (past, present and future)
Real Estate Investment
Financing Real Estate
Urban / Regional Economics
Property Cycles
Affordable Housing
Forecasting Models & Techniques



reland topic33. Real Estate Management
Corporate Real Estate
Facilities & Property Management
Non-Performing Loans
Portfolio Management
Project and Program Management
Construction Management
Geomatics & Technology in Real estate (mobile applications, GIS, Remote Sensing, UAV, Lidar etc.)
Geography & Real Estate



reland topic44. Real Estate Development, Planning & Environment
Sustainability issues in Real Estate
Real Estate & Environment
Land Use Planning
Green Buildings
Smart / Eco cities
Urban Development
Urban regeneration
Mega Projects




reland topic55. Mass Appraisals & Advanced Valuations
Property & Taxation
Neural Networks
Machine Learning
Standards on Mass Appraisal
Accuracy on Mass Appraisal
Valuation Systems vs non-automated valuations




reland topic66. Young Researcher Session
Real Estate Valuation
Real Estate Economics & Investment
Real Estate Management
Real Estate Development, Planning & Environment
Mass Appraisals & Advanced Valuations